KYLE FOSTER - About - 

I have long been fascinated with science and the arts. I have spent my life learning magic, making films and shooting photography, acting in community and professional theater, writing short stories, screenplays, poetry, music, and learning to play a wide variety of musical instruments. My favorite is an old five-string banjo that seems to travel with me most places. 

I have a great interest in biology and the natural sciences that keeps me ever interested and in wonder with the world around us. I continue to be fascinated by new experiences and knowledge and have begun to specialize in performance of many types, and utilizing these acquired talents, I continue to create interesting and unique art. I was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, where I have performed my magic, music, and theatrics. These talents have taken me all around the mid-west, which has been a truly enjoyable experience, and now to San Francisco, California, a wonderful, new place to call home!

My goal is to share entertainment and art, both with my unique flair, to all and to enrich those that experience it with some new ideas and wonder. In doing this, I too am enriched, and learning constantly in wonderful environments, where enjoyment and bonding between people is the result of fulfilling experiences.

I hope you will enjoy these experiences with me.

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